Mid-Levels West released 140 million to sell more than 70% of the old building rights
Nov 30, 2022
Hong Kong
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Abstract: In order to accelerate urban renewal, the latest policy address proposed to relax the application threshold for compulsory sale, the building age of 50 years or more and less than 70 years of private buildings from 80% of the ownership threshold down to 70%.

Some owners of the old wartime building at 35 Bonham Road, Mid-Levels West, more than 70% of the ownership rights to the market in the form of joint release for sale.


It is reported that the property is a Grade II historic building, the intention price of $ 142 million.


Centaline (commercial and industrial stores), deputy divisional sales director Zhou Pei Shan, said the project is located at 35 Bonham Road, Mid-Levels West, involving the ground floor and basement, 1 floor and 2 floors, accounting for about 76.9% of the entire building shares, the sale price is negotiable.


The property has a ground floor and basement area of about 1,600 square feet, while the 1st and 2nd floors have an area of about 1,115 square feet, providing a total floor area of about 5,430 square feet, and the property is being sold in the form of a handover.


Chow said the property is now a 4-storey pre-World War II Western-style building, built in 1945, the age of the building has 77 years.


The project site is approximately 1,648 square feet and was listed as a Grade II historic building on March 22, 2011.


The exterior of the property is painted in light green, and the building is 4 stories high with large terraces on each floor, with a unique and elegant appearance and artistic value.


It is understood that there is a consortium actively acquiring adjacent properties and has been approved for redevelopment, including 24 to 30 Bonham Road, was approved to build a 27-storey residential building, the project is expected to be the project of developers and investors.