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The first day of Issue Yu IB received more than 1,000 tickets
Mar 18, 2023
The first day of Issue Yu IB received more than 1,000 tickets Hong Kong
By   Wen Wei Po
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Abstract: New plates have low open snatch customers, driving the market atmosphere.

At a discounted average price of $24,838, Chinachem and MTR Ho Man Tin Station Phase IB opened its first 50 demonstration flats to the public yesterday, drawing a long queue of 5,000 visitors a day.


The offer opened on the same day. The message said that as of 6 PM yesterday, more than 1,000 tickets had been collected, which is 19 times the overregistration. It is expected to be added in the short term.


The first price list is for 50 units, 336 to 941 square feet, covering one to three rooms, with a maximum discount of 15%. The discounted price is $7,8684 to $2,607,100, with an average discounted price of $24,838.


On the other side of the room, the "depth charge price" of 88 groups was first launched by Changshi and Shingdi Co-development in the second phase in Tai Lam, Tuen Mun, with discounted admission starting from $3.069 million per room. For the first time yesterday, the developer opened the modified demonstration flats of the two kitchens to VIP priority visits, attracting more than 1,000 visitors within three hours. Changshi business Department assistant chief manager Yang Guiling said, iron is scheduled to be added this weekend, including more units of the two rooms, not to rule out two consecutive days to add push.


The first price will be no less than 90 units, including one or two families, and the average transaction price of KOKO ROSSO will be more than 18,700 yuan, said Huang Guangyao, vice chairman and managing director of the company. It is hoped that the price of the first batch of flats will increase moderately compared to KOKO ROSSO, but will remain attractive, with prices expected to be in the range of $6 million to $9 million.


Due to the high number of KOKO customers, the first five buyers of KOKO MARE purchased through Centaline Property will receive a $5,000 catering gift certificate from now until April 10.


Mr Huang added that the department of MONACO MARINE sold three units yesterday, namely, Unit D, 25 / F, Block 1B, Unit D, 28 / F and Unit A, 8 / F, of 435 to 525 sq ft. The transaction prices ranged from $12.03 million to $13.758 million, with average transaction prices ranging from $26,206 to $28,014. All three groups face southeast or south with views of Victoria Harbour, similar to KOKO MARE.


In addition, Ka Wah International Kai Tak Jia Feng Hui recorded garden house transaction. The transaction was Garden House No. 2, with 3 parking Spaces, sold for $135.38 million. The 3,220 sq ft house is the largest of the project, and the 470 sq ft garden was converted to $42,043, setting a new record price in Kai Tak.

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The first day of Issue Yu IB received more than 1,000 tickets