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NOVO LAND Phase 2A surpasses 4,000 tickets
Jun 8, 2023
NOVO LAND Phase 2A surpasses 4,000 tickets Hong Kong
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Abstract: SHKP Chen Hanlin said that NOVO LAND Phase 2A has surpassed 4,000 tickets.

SHKP (016) NOVO LAND Phase 2A in Tuen Mun is scheduled to start selling 188 units in the first round this Saturday, and the number of tickets received has been increasing for several days.


SHKP's Acting General Manager Mr. Alan Chan said that the project will be closed at 8pm tomorrow night, and as of last night, it has already exceeded 4,000 tickets, which is more than 20 times of over-subscription. Depending on the sales situation, we will not rule out an additional push on Saturday night to meet the market.


In terms of the age group of ticket holders, Chen Hanlin said that young buyers accounted for most of the tickets, with two-thirds of them under the age of 40, and investors accounted for about 20% to 25%.

 NOVO LAND Phase 2A surpasses 4,000 tickets

In addition, the proportion of newcomers and new customers originally accounted for half of the total, but recently the proportion of new customers has increased, accounting for more than 60% of the total.


The group also set up a special offer for SHKP members, SHKP Managing Director Tse Man-kuen said that members can get a 1% discount on the price of NOVO LAND Phase 2A units.


In addition, members who successfully register on or before the 25th of this month and like SHKP's "Cherish - Love Family" Facebook page or follow the SHKP Instagram page will have a chance to win $100 Point Dollarα and $100 Go Royal cash coupons for dining.

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