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  • New Property Opening Price: First batch of Kai Wo Shan in Tuen Mun with the cheapest price of $9,168
New Property Opening Price: First batch of Kai Wo Shan in Tuen Mun with the cheapest price of $9,168
Sep 15, 2023
New Property Opening Price: First batch of Kai Wo Shan in Tuen Mun with the cheapest price of $9,168 Hong Kong
By   Centaline Property
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Abstract: Kai Wo Shan announced its first batch of 140 price lists, with foot price as low as $9,168.

New property price back to "four-digit", led by Lujin Property development of Tuen Mun Castle Peak Road Kai Wo Shan, has just launched the first batch of 140 units, the entrance fee of $3,120,000, the foot price is as low as $9,168, for the 2017 Sha Tau Kok Shang Cheng, is expected to be the first batch of Hong Kong in more than 6 years the lowest foot price of the new property, the developer described as "strong, strong Xun".

The first batch of Kai Wo Shan includes 11 open-plan, 44 one-bedroom, 74 two-bedroom and 11 three-bedroom flats, with sizes ranging from 291 to 700 sq ft, priced at $3,810,000 to $10,048,000 per sq ft, and $11,181 to $15,042 per sq ft. The discounted price ranges from $3,125,000 to $8,240,000 and the discounted price per square foot ranges from $9,168 to $12,336 after the maximum 18% discount offer. The entry unit is Unit B on 2/F of Block 5, with an area of 370 sq.ft. and is a 1-bedroom unit at a discounted price of $3.125 million.

The average price of the whole batch of units is $11,088, which is not only more than 10% lower than that of Flyer 2 ($12,509) launched in March this year, but also about 26% lower than that of Flyer 1 ($15,050) to be launched in June 2022, making it the flattest new development in the area of Castle Peak Road in Tuen Mun over the past 4 years. As for the flatest new development in the district, THE CARMEL, 50 units will be launched in June 2019, with a discounted average price of $10,901, is the most affordable new development in the area.

New Property Opening Price: First batch of Kai Wo Shan in Tuen Mun with the cheapest price of $9,168

The price of Kai Wo Shan is as low as $9,100, which can be described as "Sha Tau Kok price". According to the price list, among the 140 units in the first batch, 9 units are priced less than $10,000, the lowest price is for Flat G on 1/F of Block 1, which is a 2-bedroom and kitchen unit with an area of 576 sq.ft. and the discounted price is $5,281,000 and the price of the unit is $9,168 Yuan.

Located in Sha Tau Kok District, Hong Kong's border area, Shang Cheng, a subsidiary of Far East Development, was launched in April 2017, with the first batch of units priced from $9,128 per square foot. Kai Wo Shan is the first batch of first-hand properties in Hong Kong with the cheapest starting price after Shang Cheng.

Mr Chan Kin-chung, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing of LUJIN Properties, describes the price of the flats as "powerful, powerful" and hopes that the favourable price can help the public to buy their own homes. The show flats will be opened for public viewing today, and the collection of tickets will start as early as this weekend.

There will be three payment methods, with a total discount of 16.5 per cent to 18 per cent. Chan Kin-chung also pointed out that the opening price of Kai Wo Shan is 30% discounted compared to Evergrande Tudor Bay, and it will be launched depending on the market situation, and the price has room for upward adjustment.

It is worth noting that, Kai He Shan is located in the 18 Guan Cui Road site, the developer as early as in 2017 to 3.169 billion yuan at a high price, higher than the valuation of the upper limit of about 20%, the per-square-foot floor area of the land price of about $ 6,700, together with the construction and interest costs, it is believed that the cost of per square foot price of more than $ 11,000, the first batch of the developer at any time, "haemorrhage" to sell the building, that is, the "bread price" (price of the building) flat over the "flour price" (price of the land). (land price).

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