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New property at So Kwun Wat receives 2,800 tickets in 3 days
Sep 19, 2023
New property at So Kwun Wat receives 2,800 tickets in 3 days Hong Kong
By   Centaline Property
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Abstract: First-hand market atmosphere improves, Tuen Mun So Kwun Wat new property continues to collect tickets, the market rumour has received 2,800 tickets in 3 days, according to the first two price list a total of 210 guys, the provisional record oversubscribed by more than 12 times. To 41 school network solicitation of Ma Tau Kok project, deployed Tuesday (19th) open price, the developer threatened to "surprise shock price" launched.

Lujin Property led the development of Tuen Mun So Kwun Wat Kai Wo Shan, Monday (18) evening uploaded price list No. 2, an additional 70 units, discounted average square foot price of $ 11,478, higher than the first price list of about 3.5%. Mr Chan Kin Chung, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing of LUJIN Properties, said, this batch of flats includes 1 open-plan flat, 16 one-bedroom flats, 49 two-bedroom flats and 4 three-bedroom flats, which are mainly in Blocks 3 and 5, and the discounted price ranges from RMB 3,283,000 to RMB 8,490,000 after deducting the maximum 18% discount, and the discounted price ranges from RMB 9,941 to RMB 12,711 per square metre. Based on the pricing, the market value of this lot is $485 million.

New property at So Kwun Wat receives 2,800 tickets in 3 days

The first price list of Ma Tau Kok Man Yiu, a subsidiary of Kin Hao Property, will be announced on Tuesday (19th), involving 30 units. The developer revealed that it will be launched at a surprise shock price and believes buyers will be happy. The group's investment and sales department director Cheng Chi-wing said, the first batch of house type covers one to three room apartments, in addition to a number of discounts announced earlier, will provide "interest to buy a property purchase concessions", where there is a fixed-term proof of deposit of the buyer, can be given a discount of 5 per cent to offset the fixed-term interest rate and mortgage insurance application fee, subject to the approval of the developer.

He continued to point out that the property will retain 40% to 50% of the units for long-term rent collection, and it is expected that the foot rent will be about $70. In addition, the demonstration unit of the existing building, which has been revealed on this day, will be opened to the public from now on.

Henderson Land (00012) and the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) are now in the existing building, and the clubhouse on the 3rd floor of the project was officially revealed on Monday (18th). Designed with music and Japanese Zen themes, the clubhouse offers a wide range of facilities, including an outdoor garden, a tea room, a children's playground, a multi-purpose banquet hall and a fitness room.

Henderson Land (00012) development in Quarry Bay, THE HOLBORN, uploaded the latest sales arrangements, will be on sale on Friday (22nd) on a first-come-first-served basis of 3 groups, including 1 group of one-bedroom households and 2 groups of two-bedroom households, with a usable area of 255 sq ft and 452 sq ft, discounted price from $6,159,800, discounted feet price of about $24,156.

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