River King will start selling 118 units from next week
Nov 10, 2022
River King will start selling 118 units from next week Hong Kong
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Abstract: As Hong Kong enters the interest rate hike period, the downward trend of the property market has become, the market has turned to a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and developers have to change their tactics to sell their properties.

China Resources Land (Overseas) and Poly Land jointly developed the Kai Tak runway area river waves not to use the form of price list to sell property, yesterday announced the first sales arrangements, the first 118 units of two to four rooms in the next week together with the tender sale, this move is believed to be because the developer in order to avoid opening the wrong price, affecting sales performance and sales deployment.


China Resources Land (Overseas) deputy managing director Wei Shaofan said, river waves nearly 90% of the units have sea views, including the front row of the special 6 VILLA waterfront mansions and the first and second waterfront residential buildings.


In addition, the base of the project has about 20,000 square feet of waterfront shopping space.


Poly Real Estate (Hong Kong) Director of Sales and Marketing Chu Mei Yee pointed out that since the opening of the show flats last Friday to yesterday, more than 5,800 visitors have visited the show flats, visitors prefer three- and four-bedroom units mainly, therefore, to speed up the pace of sales, the first sales arrangements involving 118 units, all of which are put up for sale by tender, from next Monday (the 14th of this month) to June 30 next year in the form of day-by-day closing bids.


The 118 units include 11 two-bedroom units with a usable area of 564 to 567 square feet; 73 three-bedroom units with a usable area of 781 to 1,525 square feet; and 34 four-bedroom units with a usable area of 1,870 to 2,088 square feet.


As for the tender sale of all the units, including the standard two-room units, not in line with the guidelines of the Real Estate Developers Association, which stipulates that only three-room units of 753 square feet or more can be put up for sale by tender, Chu Mei Yee pointed out that the group is not a member of the Land Development Association, and the relevant measures are only guidelines, not worried that the sale of small units by tender will affect the transparency of first-hand sales.


She continued to point out that this is after consideration and discussion, the project is a line of valuable properties, that the tender is more appropriate, the intention price will refer to the southern district, Kowloon Station and Kowloon Tong area properties, the tender is confident.


On the other hand, Henderson property agency business (a) general manager Lin Damian said, Hung Hom, Bega Place - welcome to the convergence to yesterday afternoon cumulative receipt of about 224 votes to the first price list 56 fellows, over-registered about 3 times, into the ticket is mainly for the district customers, mainly branch families, young car customers, investors account for about 10%, the plate is expected to be the first round of sales next week, before the sale also has the opportunity to push, the first batch of the plate to no worry about the price The first batch of the property will be launched at a no-frills price in the hope of attracting the market's attention and expecting the overall average price to reach the level of $25,000.


According to AECOM's Senior Assistant Director and Landscape Designer, Sun Tianyou, the overall planning and design of Bega Place is based on the three themes of urban oasis, light living philosophy and living in harmony.


To create an urban oasis, over 50 species of trees with different characteristics are planted on the clubhouse level and other suitable public spaces, and a series of unique leisure facilities for residents are provided.


According to SHKP's Acting General Manager, Mr. Hu Zhiyuan, University Hill at Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po will have the opportunity to upload the sales brochure to the project website next week, and the first price list will be announced within this month, which will be priced with reference to the construction cost of Silicon Hill Phase 1 and the overall market conditions. The remaining unsold units are mainly specialty units and large units.


The units are pre-configured with a comprehensive smart home platform and router, connected with air conditioning control and intelligent light master switch, and all units are equipped with in-wall Wi-Fi 6 wireless Internet system in the living room and rooms.


SmarTone's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tam Lok Man, said that the Smart Home Platform Smart Center can easily integrate the control of smart devices in the whole house through the wireless connection of smart devices in the whole house. The choice of various combinations of smart sensors, indoor alarms and smart door locks can instantly alert abnormalities and link devices to save power to meet the needs of each home.

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