Everland started selling 2 dishes in a row this week
Nov 15, 2022
Everland started selling 2 dishes in a row this week Hong Kong
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Abstract: Henderson Land launched a series of new properties this week, of which has been on sale for nearly two weeks in Hung Hom Pik Ka Fong Ying Hui, finally implemented the first round of 23 groups this Friday evening.

Henderson Land's General Manager of Agency Business (I) Department, Mr. Lam Tai Man, said that the 23 groups have an area of 222 to 514 square feet, including open to three bedrooms, at a discounted price of $4,588,000 to $11,255,000, with an average price of $20,984 after discount.


The offer ends at 3 p.m. this Friday, with a maximum of 4 groups of large customers in Group A and 2 groups in Group B. As of 8:00 last night, the project accumulated more than 250 votes, over registration nearly 10 times.


He also pointed out that the day before yesterday a Fanling North INNOVALE-Cabanna added the price list of No. 3, of which six families can subscribe to a parking space rights.


This Thursday will be the second round of sales of 113 groups, including 8 groups of pairs of doors, 93 groups of one-bedroom checkroom, 6 groups of two-bedroom checkroom, 6 groups of three-bedroom storage room.


In addition, just as SHKP's University Hill in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po is uploading its sales brochure and opening prices, Silicon Hill Phase 1, which is in the same district and in the same sector and sold well earlier, opened its brand new show flats for media tour yesterday.


Based on Room B1 on the 9th floor of Chui Jing Pavilion 1, it occupies 770 square feet and has three rooms and workers' suites.


SHKP Acting General Manager Hu Zhiyuan revealed earlier that about 98% of the units in Silicon Hill Phase I will be sold cumulatively, and the unsold three-bedroom and feature units will be sold.


In terms of first-hand transactions, Kai Tak King, a joint development between China Resources Land (Overseas) and Poly Real Estate, launched the first bidding of 118 groups of two- to four-bedroom units yesterday.


First-hand transaction records show that six groups were sold on the first day, all located in Block 6 and measuring 784 to 948 square feet.


The price of delivery ranged from $23.755 million to $33.336 million, with prices ranging from $30,300 to $300,000.


As for Chinachem's University Hall at Xuhe Island, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island, the first building was sold yesterday by tender on the 8th floor, unit A, with an area of 1,584 square feet.


Sold at $73 million, with a square foot price of $46,086.

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