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Second-hand HOS flats drop in price
Dec 9, 2022
Second-hand HOS flats drop in price Hong Kong
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Abstract: As the property market declines, the recent transaction prices of many large blue-chip estates have also hit a five-year low, and the prices of second-hand HOS flats in the narrower market are not immune.

In fact, many urban HOS estates, which used to be regarded as "HOS kings", have recently dropped quite dramatically, including the new generation of HOS kings, Cheung Sha Wan Kai Lok Court and Kai Tak Kai Long Court, where the price of a square foot has fallen by about 30% from its high level.


With the HA completing the vetting of the applicants for the White House II 2022 and issuing purchase certificates to 4,500 successful applicants from November 10, a group of prospective White House II owners started to look for flats to enter the market immediately.


As these prospective owners could enjoy a mortgage guarantee period of up to 25 years with a 90% mortgage repayment period provided by the HA.


As a result, the younger the age of the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), the longer buyers can spread their mortgage payments, making them more likely to choose a newer HOS.


In recent years, for example, the sale of HOS flats, located in the MTR Nam Cheong Station next to the Kai Lok Court can be considered one of the popular housing kings, but in the background of the property market downturn, the estate has the first second-hand transactions of saleable square feet price of $10,000 mark, the unit is a low-rise.


In fact, this housing estate is only three years old has recorded more than 30 second-hand transactions, its transaction per square foot price in the middle of this year once hit a record high of $ 14,103, compared to the above-mentioned units lost 10,000 square feet, a drop of nearly 30%.


However, for the intention to enter the market, do not mind short-term fluctuations in property prices, but also hope to be able to build a long-term mortgage buyers, is a good choice.


In the market, many 390-square-foot units are on sale in Kai Lok Court, with prices ranging from $4.4 million to $4.9 million, mostly from $11,000 per square foot, so prospective buyers of white homes may want to look for a good deal.


As for Kai Long Court, which was put up for sale in the same year as Kai Lok Court, it is also regarded as the new generation of HOS kings, and the price per square foot of second-hand transactions has dropped from a peak of about $15,113 to $10,490 recently, a drop of nearly 30%.


In the market, the asking price for a unit of about 280 square feet is between $4.2 million and $5.1 million, while the asking price for a unit of about 380 square feet is between $5.6 million and $6.3 million.


To choose a lower-priced option that is more likely to hit the market, you can also look for treasures in the New Territories, such as Wang Fu Court in Yuen Long and Ping Yan Court in Tin Shui Wai, both of which are new HOS flats on sale in the last seven years, many of which are 300 to 400-square-foot units with a price below $4 million for a White House II, which can be considered an affordable long-term mortgage option.

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