Weekend appointments recorded 500 groups for the fourth consecutive week
Jan 7, 2023
Weekend appointments recorded 500 groups for the fourth consecutive week Hong Kong
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Abstract: Centaline Property's top ten estates recorded 500 appointments this weekend, a record 24-week high after July 15, up 3.7% week-on-week.

Centaline Property Asia Pacific Residential Division President Chan Wing-kit said, Sunday, the imminent customs clearance between Hong Kong and China, driven by the news of customs clearance, the market's accumulated purchasing power burst, buyers are afraid of late purchase will be expensive, some buyers before the implementation of the news has been sneak into the market.


Chan Wing-kit expects that in the next few weeks, the atmosphere to maintain an exuberant property, after the Chinese New Year is expected to appear a small positive spring.


On Hong Kong Island, Centaline Property Taikoo Shing District Senior Regional Sales Director Chiu Hung Wan said that Taikoo Shing transactions are booming, the first five days in January recorded eight transactions, the average price of $ 15,900 per square foot.


With the imminent customs clearance between Hong Kong and China, the interest rate is expected to peak, driving buyers' desire to enter the market and increasing the number of transactions.


Taikoo Shing recorded 30 appointments this week, similar to last week, and the asking price per square foot was $17,400, up 0.6% week-on-week.


Centaline Property Kornhill Hong On Street Branch Chief Division Manager Yang Wenjie said, Kornhill Garden recorded four transactions in January, the average price of $15,143 per square foot.


The market is flooded with good news, with the customs clearance between China and Hong Kong coming on Sunday, some owners are also optimistic about the future market due to the news of the customs clearance, closing the market or narrowing the room for bargaining.


Kornhill Garden recorded 40 groups of appointments this week, down 27.2% from last week, and the asking price per square foot was $14,700, up 1.4% week-on-week.


In Kowloon, the Centaline Property West Kowloon Mobil MasterCard Third Branch Area Sales Manager Fung Kin Ping said, Mei Foo Sun Chuen

So far this month recorded 5 transactions, compared to the same period last month 2 transactions continue to accelerate, the average price per square foot of 11310 yuan.


China and Hong Kong customs clearance fully resumed from this week, the market is expected to return to the property market, so that the earlier wait-and-see attitude buyers decided to accelerate the pace of entry into the market, driving up the atmosphere of property viewing.


Mei Foo Sun Chuen this weekend recorded 75 sets of bookings, up 7.1% week-on-week, per square foot sale price hovering at $11,600.


Centaline Property Tseung Kwan O Metro Station Branch Senior Divisional Sales Director Ke Yong said the new metropolis so far this month recorded three transactions, the average price per square foot 14,916 yuan.


Tseung Kwan O second-hand trading atmosphere continues to make good, buyers and sellers bargaining space gradually narrowed, coupled with the full customs clearance between Hong Kong and China from this week, the property market activities are expected to resume, I believe that the region's property prices will soon bottom out successfully, attracting prospective buyers to come out to see the property, taking advantage of the low level to speed up the pace of the market, and the region on one of the housing estates in the new metropolis, this weekend, the number of viewings to maintain the recent high 65 groups of reservations.



In the New Territories, the Centaline Property Shatin City One Branch Regional Sales Director Lai Chung-man said, Shatin City One has recorded about 7 transactions so far this month, compared with the same period last month recorded 5 cases increased.


Driven by the news of customs clearance, the property market, a small spring, many buyers hope to enter the market before the New Year, afraid of buying late will be expensive, have to speed up the pace of entering the market, the housing estate this weekend recorded about 60 groups of viewing, compared to the previous week recorded 50 groups up about 20%.


It is expected that the second-hand transactions this month will increase significantly, the current owners bargaining space began to reduce, buyers who intend to enter the market should take advantage of the opportunity to grasp before the New Year.


Centaline Property's Deputy Regional Sales Director for Tin Shui Wai, Mr. Ng Yiu-chu, said that with the significant relaxation of anti-epidemic measures and the imminent customs clearance, the market is looking good and some prospective buyers are entering the market early before the Chinese New Year.


Kingswood Villas has seen a slight increase in the number of appointments this weekend, with about 80 groups of appointments recorded, and no major change in asking price, at about $10,500 per square foot.


The Chinese New Year is approaching, some owners temporarily closed, this week's release volume decreased by about 4% compared to last week, January temporarily recorded 10 transactions, the end of the month for the Chinese New Year holiday, the transaction is expected to be generally stable this month, after the New Year is expected to have a small spring in the property market.

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