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Property developers welcome housing construction
Feb 3, 2023
Property developers welcome housing construction Hong Kong
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Abstract: In response to the government's plan to build "simple public housing" at Sai Wan Road in Kai Tak, K. Wah International's Director of Sales and Marketing Planning, Mr Raymond Wan, said at the group's Chinese New Year event yesterday that this was a temporary arrangement for a period of five years, which would help the grassroots and make use of the unused land, which was a good thing.

Wen believes that as more people move in, it will boost the flow of people and help increase the number of bus routes.


As to whether "simple public housing" will affect the pricing of private properties in Kai Tak, he believes there is no conflict between the two.


Speaking at Wheelock's Chinese New Year event yesterday, Chairman of Wheelock Properties, Mr Leung Chi Kin, who is also Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Real Estate Developers Association, also said that the site in question is currently vacant and the Government has indicated that it will be converted to "simple public housing" for a temporary period of five years in response to the supply and demand problem, and that the project is adjacent to the MTR station and there will be no car parking spaces, so it will not pose a traffic load.


He welcomed the Government's decision to address the housing needs of the grassroots.


He hoped that the Government would maintain the original planning of Kai Tak and not make further major changes to the long-term planning in response to the response to the previous tender for commercial sites by converting some of the commercial projects in the area into residential units, thus changing the planning of Kai Tak as the second core business district (CBD2).


Leung also said that more than 10 property developers are involved in the development of the runway area in Kai Tak, and are more concerned about the transport needs of the area, which has gone through more than 10 years of planning, with more than 10 projects under construction and even for sale, but the planned monorail was eventually shelved, hoping that the government would have a substantive solution.


The Kai Tak Runway District Private Development Company Limited, which was set up by nine developers, is also prepared to communicate with the government, hoping to meet the needs of the district as far as possible.

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